A LITTLE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The last few weeks I have had a lot of conversations about what I want Five Crow to be. Over and over I find myself stressing one thing, Team. For me the martial arts has always been about team. No matter what art I was practicing I realized the only thing that mattered was the people I was training with and what we could get accomplished together. No matter how awesome I think I am, I can only get as good as the team I am on. No matter how good my kata, my shadow boxing, or my bag work, without a team to push me in live drills, sparing and conditioning, I was unable to reach the level of training I got from one week working with a good team. 
Over the years I have seen many bad ass martial artist who thought they were more important than the team. They would get angry, blow up and walk out when people on the team failed to appreciate their awesomeness and over look their bad attitudes. Like clock work though, I would see them months later come back to what ever coach they had sworn off and humbly ask to be allowed back on the team. I speak from having been a humbled prima-donna myself. So I want to make it clear that at Five Crow team comes first. The ability to be a good partner comes first. To realize that without each other none of us will reach our full potential. In closing remember that dedication to your team means everything. Showing up, ready to train, with an open and patient mind will give all of us the best chance at becoming great martial artist.



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